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Fethiye, Turkey
Added: 2023-01-11


Fethiye is a resort in Southwest Turkey. There are no well-known tourist sites here, but the city is conveniently located if you plan to visit places on the coast. We were travelling by car and we chose Fethiye because of the waterfront and the large number of playgrounds, since we have a small kid, read more...
Manavgat Belediyesi beach, Turkey
Added: 2023-01-11

Manavgat Belediyesi beach

Manavgat is a popular resort town. The whole coast here is a big beach with many huge hotels. In 2018 we were driving along the Antalya-Cappadocia route and stopped at the beach, read more...
Günlüklu beach, Turkey
Added: 2023-01-11

Günlüklu beach

Günlüklu beach is located near Fethiye, next to the main road of the region, it is very convenient to get by car, read more...
Boncuklu beach - the best beach in Fethiye, Turkey
Added: 2023-01-11

Boncuklu koyu - the best beach in Fethiye

There are several nice beaches on the Fethiye Peninsula. They can't be called city beaches, but they are quite close to the center and can be reached by cab, car or bicycle, read more...
Ölüdeniz, Turkey
Added: 2023-01-09


We noticed Oludeniz in the photos of Turkey long time ago. It is famous for a beautiful beach, called Blue Lagoon, read more...
Cableway to Mount Babadag, Turkey
Added: 2023-01-09

Cableway to Mount Babadag

Babadag Mountain is a popular place for paragliding. Previously, tourists were taken up by minibuses, and the entire region waited decades for a new ropeway. Finally, in 2021 it opened and now it is much easier to get to the top, read more...
Gemile Bay, a little Turkish secret, Turkey
Added: 2023-01-08

Gemile Bay, a little Turkish secret

We visited quite a few beaches around Fethiye and we liked the beach in Gemiler Bay. Not because it is fabulously beautiful, but simply because all the other beaches are full of people and it is quite easy to get to them. And here, at least some kind of solitude and adventure, read more...
Göcek, a resort for yachts, not for tourists, Turkey
Added: 2023-01-08

Göcek, a resort for yachts, not for tourists

Göcek is located on the Dalaman-Fethiye highway, so tourists often come here. Also, its photos can be seen in the promotional brochures of the region. In reality it is the main Turkish port for yachts and if you do not like yachts, then it's almost nothing to do here, read more...
Slovak Tatras, Slovakia
Added: 2023-01-07

Slovak Tatras

The Tatra Mountains are a rather unique mountain range. Everyone has heard of it, but I am sure that not everyone knows how small it is. The area of the massif is only 250 square kilometers and it is located on the territory of two countries, Poland and Slovakia. The main part, the High Tatras, is in Slovakia, where we went, read more...
Strbske pleso, the most beautiful place in the Tatras, Slovakia
Added: 2023-01-07

Strbske pleso, the most beautiful place in the Tatras

It's the most popular, well-equipped and beautiful place in the Tatras, at an altitude of 1346 meters. We came here three times and walked around the lake twice, with a small child and a stroller, read more...
2024-02-18 09:57
Hundisburg castle
2024-01-24 16:39
Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
2024-01-07 17:49
The most expensive real estate in the world at Cap Ferrat
2023-11-23 04:44
Basedow Castle (Schloss Basedow)
2023-10-27 03:17
Woinic - the largest wild boar in the world
Mount Zugspitze - 10
Goreme National Park - 9
Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi Avenue - 1
Potsdam - 8
Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida - 8
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